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Friday, 20 June 2014

What Is Laid For Us By Nature

What is laid for us by nature - our individual code, try to change that is needed. After intervening in the affairs of nature, we often injure them.

Amblyopia or "lazy eye" - a disease that is caused by functional disorders of the eye, with such a strong pathology noted decreased vision.

In the process of developing this disease is disturbed binocular vision. This occurs because each eye sees an object in different ways.

The brain cannot combine two different images into one, so it inhibits the work of unhealthy eyes and perception of the object in question is only one eye.

Interesting Facts About To Restore Your Vision Of Eyes

In most cases, amblyopia occurs in children, it cannot be corrected, but by the nature of their origin is a reversible process.

Causes of amblyopia - As a rule, all diseases of organs and systems have several reasons that can be both independent and be the result of any pathological processes, among them always allocate the main reason that checked first.

In case of a major cause of amblyopia, which is often a more precise cause is strabismus, it should be noted that strabismus can be not only a cause, but an effect.

When a person combines these two pathological processes, this phenomenon is called Strabismus amblyopia. Also cause the development of amblyopia can be severe hyperopia, myopia or pronounced astigmatism.

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