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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The Cornea Of Our Eyes Is Spherical

Normally, the cornea of our eyes is spherical, while astigmatism is curved in one axis than in another. As a result, the image cannot clearly focus on the retina.

Ideal eye - does not happen and almost every person has astigmatism, but in most cases it does not exceed the value of 0.5 diopters. This type of astigmatism, the doctors called physiological.

As a rule, it does not affect the quality of vision. However, when this value exceeds the astigmatism and distortion of view have been taking place, to the mandatory treatment.

Astigmatism in children - If a child complains of poor vision, headache, discomfort in the supercilious region, tired quickly - all this may indicate the presence of astigmatism.

It is important to know that astigmatism can cause the development of a child's myopically (a disease in which low visual acuity not corrected by glasses) and even squint.

Eye Vision Effect Due To Spherical

In order to predict the development of the visual system in a child with astigmatism, you must first undergo a complete diagnostic evaluation.

Inspection using modern computerized equipment will determine the type and degree of astigmatism, after the diagnosis addressed the issue of the appointment of glasses with cylindrical glasses, mode of wearing them.

Doctor must assess tolerance spectacle correction patient, and if necessary to pick the child contact lenses. As the child grows optics points may change, so the ophthalmologist should visit at least 2 times a year.

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