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Friday, 20 June 2014

To Determines Eye Color - Samantha Pearson

What determines eye color - Color Eye determines the amount of melanin, a substance present in the iris.

If it is a lot, then your eyes will be dark, if a little - that bright. If melanin is absent, then such people called albinos because transparent eye color with reddish veins vessels, as in the photo.

Your Eye Vision With Contact Lenses

People only to 3 years will receive a certain eye color when there is a stable quantity of substance.

Small children are also blue-eyed. Amount of melanin you have determined only by a factor of heredity, it cannot be changed.

A person's character - It is believed that a person who has eyes chameleon’s typical traits. If the color changes under the influence of mood, these people most likely are very changeable in all its manifestations.

But such people are often easier to adapt to any troubles in life, change and survive even in the most improbable circumstances. Their eyes say that they are not in sight, more likely to remain in the shade, but will surely move in the desired direction.

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Color alteration - Chameleons eyes are different; they are unique as any man on the planet. In most cases, they change from a lighter to darker colors within the same color.

For example, if the weather be neutral transparent blue, in clear is bright blue, and in cloudy - blue-gray. People with such changes are not as noticeable, and understand that it is not so easy.

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