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Monday, 23 June 2014

Lack Of Plastic Parts

Edge points gently tightly to the face to provide maximum comfort during rest and relaxation. Goggles are reusable.

In case of contamination are easy to wash or wash by hand and then dried and used again. With special straps, you can easily adjust their size to put on an adult or child.

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Lack of plastic parts and other decor elements hard - another of the advantages of night accessories, even if you do several times a night, change posture, you will not feel any discomfort, because the soft material points will not be felt on the face.

Elastic straps that secure the mask on his head, and not felt since their fastener is in the form of Velcro. Remember that the quality of sleep and rest depends on your performance directly lack of rest leads to impaired cognitive abilities, reduced concentration, poor memory.

Adequate sleep is essential for a full and vibrant life, and handy accessories to help you make a night stay even more enjoyable and productive.

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Color blindness or color blindness occurs in men 10 times more often than women. But even a healthy man distinguishes shades worse than the average representative of the fairer sex.

The reason is especially the inheritance of genes responsible for the formation of cones of the retina of the eye.

Why Do We Need Glasses To Sleep

Why do we need glasses to sleep - The phrase "Points to sleep" might seem strange to someone.

People wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun or for vision correction, but in the dream eyes closed, a person sleeps. However, such accessories are designed to sleep exist. Of course, they differ from conventional corrective or sunglasses. Night glasses are designed to make a person sleep more comfortable, quiet and deep.

How to help? Sometimes people get tired so much that he was ready to fall asleep at any moment, but the bright lights in the windows does not allow him to sleep.

Need Of Glasses For Retina Of Eyes

In addition, there are situations where lighting prevents restful sleep in the cabin or in the daylight train. You can interfere with sleep white nights, unusual conditions of rest.

In all these cases, night glasses help normalize sleep and provide its owner with a welcome darkness. They are indispensable, not only at home but also at work, on business trips, tourist trips.

Thanks virtually weightless structure and special form, they relieve stress with facial muscles, prevent premature aging, help to relax and tune in to stay.

Sleeping in such glasses is extremely useful: it will not be after swelling, bruising and bags under the eyes, you will feel fresh and rested.

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Now Fashion Glasses for sleep resemble physiological comfortable mask that has not felt on the face. They are made of a soft, delicate tissue without causing irritation and discomfort.

They do not shine, but do not squeeze the skin without causing any discomfort to the owner.

What Is Dacryocystitis

What is dacryocystitis? The disease leads to dysfunction of the secretion of tears, and it happens because of the narrowing of the lachrymal canal. The main symptoms of this disease include:

•    Increased secretion of tears

•    Pyorrhea

•    Inflammation

Usually disease affects only one eye at first, but after a few days and the second begins to suffer. To get rid of the disease is necessary to perform the following procedures:

•    To six times per day to conduct a light massage (fingertips) the tear ducts;

•    Instilled antibiotics in the eyes and nose.

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In some cases even surgical intervention, but only if the treatment does not lead to the desired result.

In conclusion, we note the material if you notice that the organs of your baby become involuntarily tears must immediately seek help from a qualified person, who, after examination, will be able to determine the cause of this phenomenon, as well as prescribe effective treatment.

When procedures, and in the future, follow hygiene kid and teach him not to rub eyes hands, especially dirty.

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When treatment is necessary to periodically tear ducts clean cotton swab (required sterile!) That will remove the selection, including purulent.

In order to alleviate the suffering of the baby, as well as to accelerate the effect of drugs, it is recommended to wash the bodies such as chamomile is also an effective solution Nitrofural.

The Main Symptoms Of Eye Disease

The main symptoms of eye disease:

•    Active secretion of tears

•    Swelling-century

•    Discoloration of proteins - they turn red

•    Fear of light

•    Pus after sleep

Conjunctivitis is a fairly dangerous disease, which not only leads to unpleasant symptoms, but can cause a decrease in visual acuity, as well as complete loss of vision; naturally, if the disease is left untreated.

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Therefore it is extremely important to promptly see a doctor, who will give advice on the treatment of this disease uneasy. Therapy involves the use of:

•    Drops

•    Ointments

•    Tablets

More specifically, the doctor says, after determine why the disease emerged, as well as what type of conjunctivitis in children. Today there are three main types of the disease of eyes:

•    Allergic

•    Viral

•    Bacterial

When suffering crumbs - Two-three month old toddler can also tear the eye, but there is already the case in other disease is dacryocystitis.

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It should be noted that babies first two months of life tears do not stand at all. This is the feature of the lachrymal canal, which is being developed only by the third month; by the way, why in the first week of life the baby is difficult to identify any possible defects in the development of the lacrimal glands and ducts.

Signs Of Eye Allergies

If you have additional symptoms - If you notice that the baby watery eyes, watch his body more closely. Perhaps there are other symptoms:

•    Fever

•    Sneezing or coughing

•    Running nose

In this case, the child is likely to have the baby the common cold. It is necessary to treat it, and after getting rid of the disease will become dry and the organs of vision.

Cause That Effect Eye Vision Without Glasses

That is, the main reasons that affected the eyes - this is the impact of acute respiratory disease and if you suffer from allergies? Another reason why watery eyes - it is an allergy.

In this case, before starting treatment, it is necessary to identify allergens perhaps getting rid of them, stop and tearful reaction of view.

The presences of other signs of allergies are the following symptoms:

•    Redness of the eyes

•    Peeling of the skin

•    Irritability baby

In this case, in any case cannot be alone, "to appoint" antihistamines, even if these are "normal and safe".

The child must see a doctor, which determine the extent of the disease, as well as give specific assignments that will be most effective in a particular case.

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Conjunctivitis - great and terrible

Next disease that also leads to the fact that the eye can tear a child - its conjunctivitis, unfortunately, this is one of the most common ailments in children because kids are not particularly watching his own hygiene and behavior, but because playing in the sandbox can rub eyes with dirty hands, which leads to inflammation of the mucosa.

Friday, 20 June 2014

What Is Laid For Us By Nature

What is laid for us by nature - our individual code, try to change that is needed. After intervening in the affairs of nature, we often injure them.

Amblyopia or "lazy eye" - a disease that is caused by functional disorders of the eye, with such a strong pathology noted decreased vision.

In the process of developing this disease is disturbed binocular vision. This occurs because each eye sees an object in different ways.

The brain cannot combine two different images into one, so it inhibits the work of unhealthy eyes and perception of the object in question is only one eye.

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In most cases, amblyopia occurs in children, it cannot be corrected, but by the nature of their origin is a reversible process.

Causes of amblyopia - As a rule, all diseases of organs and systems have several reasons that can be both independent and be the result of any pathological processes, among them always allocate the main reason that checked first.

In case of a major cause of amblyopia, which is often a more precise cause is strabismus, it should be noted that strabismus can be not only a cause, but an effect.

When a person combines these two pathological processes, this phenomenon is called Strabismus amblyopia. Also cause the development of amblyopia can be severe hyperopia, myopia or pronounced astigmatism.

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If your eyes chameleons change color from blue to hazel, then it is very noticeable to the naked eye. Is that considered the norm - Scientists and doctors do not believe his eyes chameleons something out of the ordinary.

This is the same individual characteristic, like hair color, for example. Some color is uneven; it may be on the contour one tone and the pupils closer to - another.

Color Of your Vision of Eyes In Infection

Thus it can change all the time of day, the circumstances and environment color. Man with eyes no better or worse than others.

What many people consider such potential soothsayers and psychics - fiction and superstition rather than true. It has no advantages other than the visual effect that produce people with the changing eyes.

When standing guard - If you always had a stable eye color, and suddenly a short period of eyes changed much its color, then this point should alert you and send to the doctor. It is likely that nothing bad will find, but it’s better not miss this moment.

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Such attention to their health is to avoid potential disease and stay healthy. The rest of the people with nothing to fear chameleon eyes, they are completely normal and full.

Just for their nature prepared a little surprise in the form of changing from time to time eye color. This allows such people to be always different, unique look and be no one else like.

To Determines Eye Color - Samantha Pearson

What determines eye color - Color Eye determines the amount of melanin, a substance present in the iris.

If it is a lot, then your eyes will be dark, if a little - that bright. If melanin is absent, then such people called albinos because transparent eye color with reddish veins vessels, as in the photo.

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People only to 3 years will receive a certain eye color when there is a stable quantity of substance.

Small children are also blue-eyed. Amount of melanin you have determined only by a factor of heredity, it cannot be changed.

A person's character - It is believed that a person who has eyes chameleon’s typical traits. If the color changes under the influence of mood, these people most likely are very changeable in all its manifestations.

But such people are often easier to adapt to any troubles in life, change and survive even in the most improbable circumstances. Their eyes say that they are not in sight, more likely to remain in the shade, but will surely move in the desired direction.

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Color alteration - Chameleons eyes are different; they are unique as any man on the planet. In most cases, they change from a lighter to darker colors within the same color.

For example, if the weather be neutral transparent blue, in clear is bright blue, and in cloudy - blue-gray. People with such changes are not as noticeable, and understand that it is not so easy.

Eyes Play A Vital Role In Everyone's Life

Eyes play a vital role in everyone's life, because the man perceives it 80% of the information through the eyes, and 80% of memories associated with different visual images, thanks to our body of view, we can not only remember some actions and events, but also to recognize them at the second meeting.

It is impossible not to mention the fact that it was close location makes the most eye better feel the depth of the painting and its volume.

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We often do not think about our eyes, to be more precise, we do not think about them, because the functionality of the eye allows us this.

Thus, for example, Chameleons have eyes is real! Nature has created us all different. With different color of skin, hair, eyes. People - a set of different genetic characteristics that put an imprint on his appearance, character and health.

There is such a thing as eye chameleons. It is not so common, but not rare. This phenomenon means that the eye color can vary depending on the lighting, weather conditions, things worn by a person of color and the environment.

It is not a disease; it is just a feature of the human body, which manifests itself not at all. In the photo you can see the same character in different conditions affecting the color of his eyes, and understand what this phenomenon.

The Human Eye Is One Of The Most Unique Inventions Of Nature

Visual system, the visual analyzer, sensory apparatus, as they call the human eye is one of the most unique inventions of nature.

Perfect combination of shape, size and functionality admired. All this suggests that the human eye is perfect, but is it true?

Amazing News About Your Eye

The question is very interesting and challenging, something, yes, but not something uniquely impossible to answer, because the eyes of every creature on the planet are created by nature as required by their origin.

The human eye can perceive up to 10,000,000 colors and shades, but some animals are black-and-white vision, but they dominate the other senses, such as smell, some insects can see ultraviolet and infrared rays, and the human eye is not capable of.

Structure of eyes say flies, allowing them to take more rapid movements, with very beautiful image and a shark eye structurally very similar to the human eye, in particular the cornea has the same structure.

By the way the cornea is the only tissue in the body, which is devoid of blood vessels, but it is strong enough innervated, it allows the use of shark graft in the treatment of certain eye diseases.

But the man is the owner of the sharpest view, since in Germany student Veronica Seeder could see the person's face at a distance of 1,600 meters; it is 20 times higher than normal.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

How To Diagnose Strabismus

When you see this sign you need to pay attention to the position of the baby's head, it will be forced. The child will always keep your head on its side or turn it aside, it will compensate the ghost, it is also possible decreased vision, headache, a child may squint.

Diagnostics - In order to diagnose strabismus must conduct a full examination with the use of specialized equipment, as well as to conduct tests on binocular vision. Determine visual acuity, combined eye movement in all directions, check the deviation.

Treatment - Effective treatment is necessary to establish the cause, which has led the development of strabismus.

It is imperative to identify strabismus at an early stage of what to avoid complications such as amblyopia or visual impairment, because it would violate the visual function of the second eye.

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Therefore, the earlier we start treatment, the more likely to reduce the risk of complications.

Cause of strabismus may be different impairment, nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, if so, you must first treat them. Often vision correction and prevention of amblyopia are sufficient measures to prevent strabismus.

For vision correction can assign wearing special glasses to seal healthy eye or use a special lens. This will result in the restoration of visual function suffering eyes; you also need to use special exercises to develop "lazy muscles."

Such techniques require time, so you have to be patient and make it a rule to visit an ophthalmologist.

Causes Of Strabismus

Causes of strabismus - There are two forms of congenital and acquired strabismus. Congenital form develops first 6 months of life and manifests itself acquired up to 3 years. The most common cause of congenital strabismus is heredity or illness of the mother during pregnancy.

The main cause of acquired strabismus called diseases of the central nervous system, which can develop as a result of physical and mental trauma, also causes include infectious diseases.

Types of strabismus - Types of strabismus distinguish because of, the nature of the deviation and stability manifestations because of strabismus is:

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Concomitant strabismus - characterized by a total volume of eye movement, as well as lack of ghosting and binocular vision disorders more common in children than in adults.

Paralytic strabismus - a consequence of a violation of functional ability of one or more muscles as a result of any injury, disease of the nervous system or blood vessels.

By the nature of the deviation share:

•    Convergent - eyes directed to the nose

•    Divergent - eyes directed to temple

•    Vertical - eyes directed either downward or upward

•    Mixed - combines the features of several forms

Stability isolated manifestations:

•    Permanent

•    Sometime

Symptoms of strabismus - One of the main features are the appearance of a squint eye, but it is not always reliable, since infant’s strabismus is imaginary.

Strabismus in infants can be considered true only if one eye constantly rejected aside, this may be indicative of paralytic strabismus.

The Perception Of One Object With Both Eyes

Tonic IOL replaces not only the optical power of the lens remote turbid, but corrects the initial corneal astigmatism.

Be attentive to the health of their eyes! Do not forget to visit the ophthalmologist regularly, just so you can avoid serious vision problems in the future!

Strabismus - Pathology of the organ of vision, which is manifested as a result of improper placement of eyes functional disorders of the eye muscles, which are responsible for movement, fixation position.

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This pathology is broken binocular vision as broken parallel arrangement of the visual axis.

Binocular vision - the perception of one object with both eyes, it is due to a parallel arrangement of the visual axis by fixing the eye at one point. Our eyes perceive the object in different ways. Pictures are not very different, but it is so arranged human visual organ. You yourself can see this, simply open and close the eyes in turn.

In this regard, the different pictures are sent to the brain, where they are combined into one, and we see the object as it is.

If strabismus is a person perceives two different images, so combine them into one image is not possible, because they are different.

In order to be a person does not go crazy on the perception of two different images, the brain suppresses the image that the eye perceives unhealthy; it's like a defensive reaction. Over time, this eye completely falls out of the process and develop a pathological condition as amblyopia.

Astigmatism In Youth

Today in modern ophthalmology clinics and centers specialists offer therapeutic techniques that improve visual acuity to 1, 0 D and in some cases refuse spectacle correction and after the age of 18 years may conduct laser vision correction to get rid of astigmatism.

It is very important for all parents to remember that the child astigmatism should be diagnosed on time and started as soon as possible measures for its correction. Only in this case, you can avoid permanent visual loss, development of strabismus and amblyopia ("lazy eye").

Astigmatism in youth - Many patients accompanies myopia astigmatism, so often cylindrical lenses for astigmatism combined with lenses to correct myopia to date, the most effective method of correcting myopia with astigmatism combine - it laser vision correction.

During this procedure, the correction of view is due to reshape the cornea.

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Laser correction eliminates astigmatism combined with nearsightedness and farsightedness to ± 3, 0 D and performed as an outpatient, in "one day."

The depth of strictly limited is no more than 130-180 microns, so you can speak with confidence about the accuracy and safety of this method of treatment of astigmatism.

Astigmatism in the elderly - In old age, very many people diagnosed cataract eye disease (partial or complete opacification of the lens), which is often combined with astigmatism.

In the presence of cataract with corneal astigmatism specialists offer solve both problems simultaneously by the operation - ultrasonic phacoemulsification with implantation of a special toxic intraocular lens.

The Cornea Of Our Eyes Is Spherical

Normally, the cornea of our eyes is spherical, while astigmatism is curved in one axis than in another. As a result, the image cannot clearly focus on the retina.

Ideal eye - does not happen and almost every person has astigmatism, but in most cases it does not exceed the value of 0.5 diopters. This type of astigmatism, the doctors called physiological.

As a rule, it does not affect the quality of vision. However, when this value exceeds the astigmatism and distortion of view have been taking place, to the mandatory treatment.

Astigmatism in children - If a child complains of poor vision, headache, discomfort in the supercilious region, tired quickly - all this may indicate the presence of astigmatism.

It is important to know that astigmatism can cause the development of a child's myopically (a disease in which low visual acuity not corrected by glasses) and even squint.

Eye Vision Effect Due To Spherical

In order to predict the development of the visual system in a child with astigmatism, you must first undergo a complete diagnostic evaluation.

Inspection using modern computerized equipment will determine the type and degree of astigmatism, after the diagnosis addressed the issue of the appointment of glasses with cylindrical glasses, mode of wearing them.

Doctor must assess tolerance spectacle correction patient, and if necessary to pick the child contact lenses. As the child grows optics points may change, so the ophthalmologist should visit at least 2 times a year.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Reasons for Prevention of Infections of the Eyelids

Prevention of infections of the eyelids the most important treatment and here's the reasons d. Nov doctor's eyes

Member of the Saudi Ophthalmological Society - in cooperation with the Committee on Health Awareness should know first: What is the function of the eyelids: is to protect the eye from the effects of external environmental factors with eyelashes; them also help to not enter some small objects and dust;-to-eye and hung up and sticking above the eyelashes.

For this reason, care must be and their safety, especially with the onset of summer. Below clarify shows a simplified installation of the eyelids and how to take care of it: is divided into two parts, upper and lower; eyelid and above all there is a row of eyelashes.

Eyes Vision Infection (With and Without Glasses)

The lid is also divided into two parts, front and rear; separated by a gray line is located at the end of each maker of eyelashes.

Eyelids susceptible to the types of infections, including: Chronic: It is in cases of common diseases of the eyelids; usually gets him a lot older; which three sections:

1 - Inflammation of the front part and is usually caused by bacteria cluster shape.

2 - Inflammation of the back of the eyelid: is usually caused by a disturbance in the functions of glands; which is concentrated in the back of the eyelid; secretion and function of lipids that are components of the outer layer of the tears of the eye.

3 - To be sore front and rear together; that there will be any disruption of lymph with a greasy secretions or the presence of bacteria causing the disease cluster.

The Moment Of Birth To The Safety Of Eyes

After cooled mixture in fat face with a focus on areas of wrinkles in the morning and evening and leave the mask to interact with the skin for a minimum of half an hour and then get rid of the mask using a clean piece of cloth and then wash your face with warm water first and then with cold water and better maintenance on this mask to remove wrinkles old and new.

As for what ignorant People today from comments shells and beads, amulets and shape to stop in the middle of the eye and the man Rabbit and many other forms believe it and do the common folk to pay the eye is in fact not pious nor benefit, not of religion did not respond to the talk is true, not even an interview with weak but is forbidden them.

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Values of food available in the spinach more and the way the third of the province to consider is to eat healthy, and thus the absence of disease that hurt the eye, such as diabetes.

Controlling blood pressure rates: that a person should try to adjust the rates of blood pressure, this is not for heart health, but also to protect consideration. What does the blood pressure of the negative effects on the eye is the possibility of injury or blue water exposure to diabetic retinopathy if the person is diabetic.

Resorting immediate the doctor following cases:

• If your child has any signs of defects looked up.

• Existence around in the eyes of the child, especially in one eye, which means that the eye by the problem.

• The existence of points of white iris which indicates that the child may be infected with white water.

• The presence of pus in one or both of the eyes, a sign of an infection in the eye.

Protection Of The Eyes Of Our Children

Theoretically, could not be reached any proof about the damage that occurs to the eye as a result of sitting in front of television screens or in front of the computer, but linked the recent research among cases of myopia, which increased the rate recently and sitting in front of television and computer screens for long hours.”

Therefore, parents are advised to reduce the hours watching television, and also encourage their children to sit at a distance away from the television.

Avoid direct exposure to the sun is known that excessive exposure to the sun has a negative impact on the hair and skin, but shows d. Tariq that the eyes can also be affected negatively, and he adds:

"The excessive exposure to strong sunlight (such as those available here in Egypt) is the main cause of injury allergies seasonal known which appear in spring and dubbed" Conjunctivitis. "This case often accompanied by some factors such as dust, smoke, pollution, and non-completion of the immune system, starting from birth to adolescence makes it worse.

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Advised parents that minimize exposing their children to these factors and to minimize as much as possible exposed to strong sunlight direct. Avoid infections eye infections are common and spread rapidly.
Parents encourage their children to wash their hands frequently after returning from school or from anywhere in general, as well as after using the toilet. Signs that defects considered:

• If near the child from his eyes more too book or anything he wants watch it.

• stumbled child frequently.

• Not to see the child you when him from afar, or not identifiable to something found in your hand if you want to show him to him from a distance.

Protection Of The Eyes Of Our Children From The Moment Of Birth To The Safety Of Their Eyes

Since the moment of the birth of your child, it is necessary to maintain the health of the eyes. Shows d. Tariq said: "misses newly born baby to the immune sound and avoid any infections in the eye, you must use antibiotic eye drops.

Eye Drop works to resist many types of bacteria - the eyes of a child 3 to 4 times a day during the first week after birth." When cleaning your baby's new eyes, using a piece of cloth gently dipped in lukewarm water, but Use a piece of cotton is different for each eye.

Assurance that the use of appropriate lighting, whether the child reads, writes, paints, or colored, it is necessary to make the proper room lighting.

Advised d. Hussein, saying: "When a child in any of these activities make an effort in order to focus, which may lead to eye strain, dry because of Blinking is not sufficient, or even feeling pain’s Important that the lighting is dim and at the same time is impressive."

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If a child uses his right hand, make sure to be a source of light from the top of the left side of the child, and vice versa if the child is left-handed." This will help to prevent the formation of a child under the hand on the paper, which will help him to see well.

Television screens and computer at certain stages of the age of the children, most of whom spend long hours in front of a TV screen or front of the computer, whether for gaming or for entry on the Internet.

The Treatment Of Dark Spots Under The Eyes

Mixing well wipe Women mixture on each area of the face except then leave this mask on the face for half an hour and then wash the face first with warm water and then again with cold water and should be repeated twice a week in the beginning to be improved skin then.

Continuously this mask once every two weeks on a permanent basis and we must remember that he must face wash well with soap and water before you put the mask on the face.

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Prescription skin care fatty women who complain of increased secretion of substances of mind on the skin can care her skin scans the face with lemon juice well

After about a quarter of an hour wiping the face well with honey while avoiding the eye area and after a quarter of an hour the other the women wash the face

First with warm water and then cold water and is repeated twice a week to improve your skin and then once every two weeks and on a permanent basis and should take care to wash the face with soap and water before Putting on a mask.

Recipe to remove facial spots black add three tablespoons of honey, a tablespoon and one of the henna powder Mix thoroughly and then anoint the black spots in this mixture and leave the mask interacts with the skin for half an hour and then wash with warm water first and then with cold water Repeat this mask.

The evening daily to disappear black spots. recipe to remove facial wrinkles Take 30 ml of each of honey and liquid beeswax and onion juice and juice mercury White (available) and mix all these elements together and heating on low heat to melt the wax.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Prevention Of Eye And Envy

The prevention of the eye to be to maintain the Morning and evening prayers correct incoming Mustafa peace be upon him, and not to talk and show grace to the fullest picture when who knew him envy, greed and jealousy.

God says in the story of God's prophet Jacob, peace be upon him} said, my son, No vision to your brothers, you Kida the devil to man an avowed enemy {Joseph: 5, said that Osman may Allah be pleased with him saw a boy lest hit by the eye",

I.e. changed the shape and beauty. poet says: someone creatures to As an owner, seek refuge from the evil eye defect and one to pray blessing upon the admiration of self, money, and parents, and the blessing nullifies the effect of the eye and prevents infection, recipe blessing that says:

"Blessed be God, the Best of creators, God bless it," or "God bless him," and "What God does not force but from God.

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“Guard secrecy about said: The Messenger of Allah, May Allah blesses him and grant him peace: Seek help the success of the cataclysmic events in secrecy, all with the blessing. Horses in the Whole (943).

Mascot children narrated from Abbas God bless them said it was the Prophet peace be upon him Hassan and Hussein, he says, was by Ishmael and Isaac, I seek refuge in God full of every devil and every eye is important for the nation.

In the novel an Abbas said: The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him Hassan and Hussein says words of God full of every devil and important is each eye to the nation and say so Abraham was Isaac and Ishmael peace be upon them.

Reading narrated that God said: The Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him to seek refuge from the elves, and the human eye, so I got, when, takes them and what to leave one else.

Health Of Your Eye

Eye health healthy life is an important part of the vision of the health of the human being, the more you enjoy good health whenever they are in front of you more opportunities to enjoy the eyes properly and avoid eye injuries and risks, which may be offered to a person with vision loss.

Eye health

The possibility of reducing the risk of eye disease and loss of eyesight, if:

1 - Avoided smoking.

2 - Dealt with health foods.

3 - Controlled in the rates of blood pressure.

1 - Avoid smoking: If you walked away rights from smoking that positive effects on his health, and thus protect the eye of any risks are likely to be exposed to or reduce the appearance of many eye-related disorders such as: - White Water more about White Water.


- The blue water.

Disorders associated with age also reduce the chances of developing retinopathy caused by diabetes more about retinopathy

2 - Eating healthy foods: a balanced diet is required for the health of the overall body what is a balanced diet? in the study conducted by the "National Center for the eyes" in October 2001, entitled Study on the "diseases of the eye associated with the progress of human's life," It has reached this study indicated that older people, which had a higher risk of exposure (Age-related macular degeneration) associated with advanced age it is possible to avoid this offer or reduce the likelihood of infection if the doses of zinc supplements and vitamins (c) and (e) and beta-carotene.

Simple Steps And Plains To Avoid Eye Wrinkles

Has confirmed some of the studies, that people who eat foods rich in antioxidants as vegetables, fruits, olive oil and nuts are the least vulnerable to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Black halo around the eyes how to get rid of them dark circles around the eyes aesthetic and psychological problem, and there is no cure now, and their causes may be genetic or acquired.

The use of lasers are not feasible until now; because the dark color around the eye is not an object prominent or line dermatitis, it is the color of blood is oxidized under the thin skin that lacks the fatty layer covered or increase secretion of Article pigment melanin in the skin of the other factors.

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Provides operator Noor course intensive natural recipes with the use of devices skin to treat wrinkles in the face and neck and around the eyes and unbeatable prices. There are also products of the Dead Sea wonderful for the skin and body.

There is also the operator sessions for hair treatment at the hands of experts and specialists, and there are sessions of treatment at home and no individual creative Brazilian Genuine creative gold and individual honey bees natural their color tints and shades red metal olivine and Tigre and Peacock and offers the operator a surprise to its customers with the value of each invoice gift metal microwave

- Oven

- Surname

- Baby not

- Makeup and other valuable gifts.

Plains And Simple Steps To Avoid Eye Wrinkles

1 - Sleeping on the back to avoid taking the appearance of wrinkles, not only around the eye, but on the face and neck as well, make sure you sleep on your back. Sleeping on the stomach or sides lead to the appearance of fine lines on the skin in what is called sleep lines, which later turn out to permanent wrinkles.

2 - Quitting smoking is one of the primary causes of premature aging and the appearance of wrinkled skin. There is no direct impact on the health of the skin only, but also affects the health of the body, leading to an increased risk of many diseases. Nicotine is also working on collagen and elastin responsible for skin elasticity, leading.


3 - Optometry if you suffer from some problems of poor visibility, an examination should be considered quickly. Thus causing it to the emergence of the phenomenon of wrinkles around the eye.

4 - Do not use your computer for long periods of time if you do you spend a long time in front of the computer screen, your eyes may feel tired after a while. To get rid of it, we must take some time to rest while using the computer. Also, it is necessary to use good lighting to the computer screen to avoid eye strain and to maintain its integrity.

5 - foods anti-aging Although the Sun visor and follow healthy habits for eye protection are essential to avoid the appearance of wrinkles around the eye, but there are healthy foods enable you to enhance Therefore, protection of wrinkles.

Treat And To Prevent Eye Wrinkles Tips

Put cream hide vast areas gloomy facial before a cream base 0.6 powder on the cheeks the color tends to be dark and put them between the cheek and temples, from the inside towards the outside, seems facial features more coherent. Did accelerates contamination of skin aging?

Not prove it scientifically. Women who live in the city, are the most vulnerable to wrinkles. But it turns out that women who live in the mountain or on the shore of the sea to have wrinkles more, perhaps because of being exposed more to the sun. What is currently the most creams are effective against wrinkles?

There are a lot of them that have demonstrated their effectiveness, particularly those that contain: Retinoid tin ides and vitamin C., and AHAs acid Alpfa-hydroxy-acide and ISO flavone Soy Is flavone de soya. You must change the Qur'an from time to time?


Probably does not bring change eye contour cream additions or major improvements to this area. But it is certain that the change of skin cream devoted to the face in general every six months carries a lot of benefit to the skin and gives him nutrients and vitamins extra.

Put cream Eye Contour Use this cream morning and night, after cleansing the face directly, before putting cream day or night.

On my little finger and licked it quiet surroundings eye movement starts from the inside outward. We recommend b: moisturizing cream: "Absolute of Anti-pockets: patches effective "Any Patch" Eye Patch of Chanel "Chanel. Creams pull the skin eye:

"Ultimate for Aye cream" Ultimate Lifting Eye Crème of "Lauder" Estee Lauder of "Gatineau" Gatineau "anti-Graft Vermin Lift Eye Cream" Anti-Gravity Firming Lift e Eye Cream of "Clinique" Clinique.

Eye Children Problems Is Most Common

A lack of focus:

The inability to focus Consider the things that are moving and approaching the eye.

Color blindness:

Inflammation of the eyelid and the relaxation of the eyelids:

Causes inflammation of the sebaceous glands in the roots of the lashes to inflammation of the eyelids secretions resin on the eyelashes, especially in the morning, has caused his pain, and deal with this situation with drugs, in turn, relaxes the muscles of the eyelids or the inability of the child to open his eyes, can infect one eye or two, and are often treated with surgery.

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Redness of the eye:

Reciting the white part of the eye is red, and increase secretions tears or gum as a result of bacterial or viral infections or injury as a result of child allergies. I usually use eye drops or ointments to treat the condition.

Astigmatism (deviation):

Causes irregular surface of the cornea to blurred vision, and can treat the condition put glasses.

While in the case of a severe illness of the retina due to diabetes, we recommend examining the retina a month to prevent any complications, may be needed to work laser retina, but that in the case of the presence of abnormal blood vessels and is active on the retina near the time of birth

It has advised to perform a Caesarean section to prevent bleeding eye because of the payment process during natural childbirth.

Most Common Eye Children Problems

Subject the child to examine the sensuous eyes unit looking through stare at the pictures and the different forms that comes before him, with the aim of its ability to measure vision.

As being a doctor examination of the retina by shedding light to the inside to monitor how its reflection on the retina, where up images to the cells sensitive to light, and this helps the examination to determine whether the child needs to put glasses, The importance of these tests and examinations in their ability to detect problems that cause difficulty in vision and adversely affect the child's ability to learn later.

- Lazy eye:

A weakness in the consideration due to non-use of child eye, despite being healthy and not infected by any defect, and often show this case in one eye, and of the means of diagnosis, examination of the child's abilities

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In the vision, and determine if there is a deviation in one eye. Unfortunately, you can not address the problem of lazy eye by eyeglasses or contact lenses, as required Blink sound, induce the child to use the same lazy and strengthened.

- Squint congenital:

lead muscle weakness in one eye to the deviation, seems one of the look in the direction of straight, while the other deviates in another direction, it may be to the inside or outside or to the top or to the bottom.

And address this problem through surgery, with the exception of strabismus internal resulting from the far-sightedness can be corrected by eyeglasses, if it does not address the problem early, will develop eye deviant lazy, leading to a loss of the sense of consideration.

The Most Common Eye Problems In Children

Develop the sense of sight to the child quickly during the first year of life, but sometimes may suffer eyes problems hindering the development of his abilities on the sound vision, the result of several factors, so the parents feel free to check out the view of a comprehensive child; because it helps to detect any defect affects academic performance in later, and treated before they worsen the situation.

The child can see things clearly and be able to focus his view and see the colors and distinguish shapes upon reaching the age of four months, to see if the eyes are growing properly, subject the child for some tests to make sure the safety consideration, such as: test the reaction of the pupil to light and follow the movement of things, and test the child's ability to focus view.

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Follow the movement of objects, as well as test priority consideration to evaluate the child's abilities to see things and to distinguish between the forms, and in the case of noted pediatrician and any fault, it is necessary to refer the child to a doctor, a specialist in the diagnosis of eye diseases and treatment, to pursue the case and is being tested further, so that early diagnosis of eye diseases common in childhood is essential to the success of the treatment.

Undergo a comprehensive eye test does not require knowledge of the child read the characters, there are tests for children in pre-school age, allowing the doctor to detect any defect in the sense of sight.

But, before taking the child to the doctor, the mother to supply him to this process through the explanation to him that the doctor will be asked to consider in a certain direction and stare at specific things.

Eye Problems

The skin under the eyes may suffer this region of beauty and every problem solving bulging eyelids accumulate fluid under the eyes for a variety of reasons, including insomnia or sleeping too much special in the room lacks good ventilation as swell Eyes and among people suffering from allergies such as asthma.

Inflammation of the spring and Permanent and sensitivity of eating a particular solution free is the ice cube to it in a napkin or cloth and put it around the eyes will go away and hide the pain, even if you have the time to lie fractional some snow but it in a handkerchief and put it over your eyes Marcy massage

Use massage repeated blows to help the lymphatic system to move the fluid excess away from the eye area by third parties your fingers multiply area under the eye strikes fast, light moving from the inside to the outer corner of the eye.
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Vice versa why the swelling under the eye is most intense in the morning is that the fluid accumulates at night and acted gradually during the day to activate this process is a workout.

Eyes to sensitive if suffered eyes of misty and flushes may be sensitive to lotions make-up solution Choose carefully lotions vehicle specially in order to not just of allergies look for, which provides instruction as anti-allergic hypoallergenic or fragrance free fragrance free or laboratory in Clinics Ophthalmology tested Eased to the fullest extent of eye makeup except for a little mascara and Drain makeup Burka and smoothness.

Circles dark this is a problem that we have, all of us from time to time due to fatigue solution you need to eight hours a day and Use make-up camouflage and do not forget to eat a lot of fresh fruits Cut down period seated front of the TV or computer and Wear Sunglasses I buy good quality filters Radiology Exercise regularly.

Problems Of Eye And Dark Circles

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