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Friday, 20 June 2014

The Human Eye Is One Of The Most Unique Inventions Of Nature

Visual system, the visual analyzer, sensory apparatus, as they call the human eye is one of the most unique inventions of nature.

Perfect combination of shape, size and functionality admired. All this suggests that the human eye is perfect, but is it true?

Amazing News About Your Eye

The question is very interesting and challenging, something, yes, but not something uniquely impossible to answer, because the eyes of every creature on the planet are created by nature as required by their origin.

The human eye can perceive up to 10,000,000 colors and shades, but some animals are black-and-white vision, but they dominate the other senses, such as smell, some insects can see ultraviolet and infrared rays, and the human eye is not capable of.

Structure of eyes say flies, allowing them to take more rapid movements, with very beautiful image and a shark eye structurally very similar to the human eye, in particular the cornea has the same structure.

By the way the cornea is the only tissue in the body, which is devoid of blood vessels, but it is strong enough innervated, it allows the use of shark graft in the treatment of certain eye diseases.

But the man is the owner of the sharpest view, since in Germany student Veronica Seeder could see the person's face at a distance of 1,600 meters; it is 20 times higher than normal.

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