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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Reasons for Prevention of Infections of the Eyelids

Prevention of infections of the eyelids the most important treatment and here's the reasons d. Nov doctor's eyes

Member of the Saudi Ophthalmological Society - in cooperation with the Committee on Health Awareness should know first: What is the function of the eyelids: is to protect the eye from the effects of external environmental factors with eyelashes; them also help to not enter some small objects and dust;-to-eye and hung up and sticking above the eyelashes.

For this reason, care must be and their safety, especially with the onset of summer. Below clarify shows a simplified installation of the eyelids and how to take care of it: is divided into two parts, upper and lower; eyelid and above all there is a row of eyelashes.

Eyes Vision Infection (With and Without Glasses)

The lid is also divided into two parts, front and rear; separated by a gray line is located at the end of each maker of eyelashes.

Eyelids susceptible to the types of infections, including: Chronic: It is in cases of common diseases of the eyelids; usually gets him a lot older; which three sections:

1 - Inflammation of the front part and is usually caused by bacteria cluster shape.

2 - Inflammation of the back of the eyelid: is usually caused by a disturbance in the functions of glands; which is concentrated in the back of the eyelid; secretion and function of lipids that are components of the outer layer of the tears of the eye.

3 - To be sore front and rear together; that there will be any disruption of lymph with a greasy secretions or the presence of bacteria causing the disease cluster.

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