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Monday, 23 June 2014

What Is Dacryocystitis

What is dacryocystitis? The disease leads to dysfunction of the secretion of tears, and it happens because of the narrowing of the lachrymal canal. The main symptoms of this disease include:

•    Increased secretion of tears

•    Pyorrhea

•    Inflammation

Usually disease affects only one eye at first, but after a few days and the second begins to suffer. To get rid of the disease is necessary to perform the following procedures:

•    To six times per day to conduct a light massage (fingertips) the tear ducts;

•    Instilled antibiotics in the eyes and nose.

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In some cases even surgical intervention, but only if the treatment does not lead to the desired result.

In conclusion, we note the material if you notice that the organs of your baby become involuntarily tears must immediately seek help from a qualified person, who, after examination, will be able to determine the cause of this phenomenon, as well as prescribe effective treatment.

When procedures, and in the future, follow hygiene kid and teach him not to rub eyes hands, especially dirty.

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When treatment is necessary to periodically tear ducts clean cotton swab (required sterile!) That will remove the selection, including purulent.

In order to alleviate the suffering of the baby, as well as to accelerate the effect of drugs, it is recommended to wash the bodies such as chamomile is also an effective solution Nitrofural.

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