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Monday, 9 June 2014

Health Of Your Eye

Eye health healthy life is an important part of the vision of the health of the human being, the more you enjoy good health whenever they are in front of you more opportunities to enjoy the eyes properly and avoid eye injuries and risks, which may be offered to a person with vision loss.

Eye health

The possibility of reducing the risk of eye disease and loss of eyesight, if:

1 - Avoided smoking.

2 - Dealt with health foods.

3 - Controlled in the rates of blood pressure.

1 - Avoid smoking: If you walked away rights from smoking that positive effects on his health, and thus protect the eye of any risks are likely to be exposed to or reduce the appearance of many eye-related disorders such as: - White Water more about White Water.


- The blue water.

Disorders associated with age also reduce the chances of developing retinopathy caused by diabetes more about retinopathy

2 - Eating healthy foods: a balanced diet is required for the health of the overall body what is a balanced diet? in the study conducted by the "National Center for the eyes" in October 2001, entitled Study on the "diseases of the eye associated with the progress of human's life," It has reached this study indicated that older people, which had a higher risk of exposure (Age-related macular degeneration) associated with advanced age it is possible to avoid this offer or reduce the likelihood of infection if the doses of zinc supplements and vitamins (c) and (e) and beta-carotene.

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