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Monday, 23 June 2014

Signs Of Eye Allergies

If you have additional symptoms - If you notice that the baby watery eyes, watch his body more closely. Perhaps there are other symptoms:

•    Fever

•    Sneezing or coughing

•    Running nose

In this case, the child is likely to have the baby the common cold. It is necessary to treat it, and after getting rid of the disease will become dry and the organs of vision.

Cause That Effect Eye Vision Without Glasses

That is, the main reasons that affected the eyes - this is the impact of acute respiratory disease and if you suffer from allergies? Another reason why watery eyes - it is an allergy.

In this case, before starting treatment, it is necessary to identify allergens perhaps getting rid of them, stop and tearful reaction of view.

The presences of other signs of allergies are the following symptoms:

•    Redness of the eyes

•    Peeling of the skin

•    Irritability baby

In this case, in any case cannot be alone, "to appoint" antihistamines, even if these are "normal and safe".

The child must see a doctor, which determine the extent of the disease, as well as give specific assignments that will be most effective in a particular case.

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Conjunctivitis - great and terrible

Next disease that also leads to the fact that the eye can tear a child - its conjunctivitis, unfortunately, this is one of the most common ailments in children because kids are not particularly watching his own hygiene and behavior, but because playing in the sandbox can rub eyes with dirty hands, which leads to inflammation of the mucosa.

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