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Friday, 20 June 2014

Eyes Play A Vital Role In Everyone's Life

Eyes play a vital role in everyone's life, because the man perceives it 80% of the information through the eyes, and 80% of memories associated with different visual images, thanks to our body of view, we can not only remember some actions and events, but also to recognize them at the second meeting.

It is impossible not to mention the fact that it was close location makes the most eye better feel the depth of the painting and its volume.

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We often do not think about our eyes, to be more precise, we do not think about them, because the functionality of the eye allows us this.

Thus, for example, Chameleons have eyes is real! Nature has created us all different. With different color of skin, hair, eyes. People - a set of different genetic characteristics that put an imprint on his appearance, character and health.

There is such a thing as eye chameleons. It is not so common, but not rare. This phenomenon means that the eye color can vary depending on the lighting, weather conditions, things worn by a person of color and the environment.

It is not a disease; it is just a feature of the human body, which manifests itself not at all. In the photo you can see the same character in different conditions affecting the color of his eyes, and understand what this phenomenon.

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