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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

The Moment Of Birth To The Safety Of Eyes

After cooled mixture in fat face with a focus on areas of wrinkles in the morning and evening and leave the mask to interact with the skin for a minimum of half an hour and then get rid of the mask using a clean piece of cloth and then wash your face with warm water first and then with cold water and better maintenance on this mask to remove wrinkles old and new.

As for what ignorant People today from comments shells and beads, amulets and shape to stop in the middle of the eye and the man Rabbit and many other forms believe it and do the common folk to pay the eye is in fact not pious nor benefit, not of religion did not respond to the talk is true, not even an interview with weak but is forbidden them.

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Values of food available in the spinach more and the way the third of the province to consider is to eat healthy, and thus the absence of disease that hurt the eye, such as diabetes.

Controlling blood pressure rates: that a person should try to adjust the rates of blood pressure, this is not for heart health, but also to protect consideration. What does the blood pressure of the negative effects on the eye is the possibility of injury or blue water exposure to diabetic retinopathy if the person is diabetic.

Resorting immediate the doctor following cases:

• If your child has any signs of defects looked up.

• Existence around in the eyes of the child, especially in one eye, which means that the eye by the problem.

• The existence of points of white iris which indicates that the child may be infected with white water.

• The presence of pus in one or both of the eyes, a sign of an infection in the eye.

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