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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Protection Of The Eyes Of Our Children From The Moment Of Birth To The Safety Of Their Eyes

Since the moment of the birth of your child, it is necessary to maintain the health of the eyes. Shows d. Tariq said: "misses newly born baby to the immune sound and avoid any infections in the eye, you must use antibiotic eye drops.

Eye Drop works to resist many types of bacteria - the eyes of a child 3 to 4 times a day during the first week after birth." When cleaning your baby's new eyes, using a piece of cloth gently dipped in lukewarm water, but Use a piece of cotton is different for each eye.

Assurance that the use of appropriate lighting, whether the child reads, writes, paints, or colored, it is necessary to make the proper room lighting.

Advised d. Hussein, saying: "When a child in any of these activities make an effort in order to focus, which may lead to eye strain, dry because of Blinking is not sufficient, or even feeling pain’s Important that the lighting is dim and at the same time is impressive."

All About Eye and Its Vision Without Glasses Is Here

If a child uses his right hand, make sure to be a source of light from the top of the left side of the child, and vice versa if the child is left-handed." This will help to prevent the formation of a child under the hand on the paper, which will help him to see well.

Television screens and computer at certain stages of the age of the children, most of whom spend long hours in front of a TV screen or front of the computer, whether for gaming or for entry on the Internet.

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