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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

The Treatment Of Dark Spots Under The Eyes

Mixing well wipe Women mixture on each area of the face except then leave this mask on the face for half an hour and then wash the face first with warm water and then again with cold water and should be repeated twice a week in the beginning to be improved skin then.

Continuously this mask once every two weeks on a permanent basis and we must remember that he must face wash well with soap and water before you put the mask on the face.

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Prescription skin care fatty women who complain of increased secretion of substances of mind on the skin can care her skin scans the face with lemon juice well

After about a quarter of an hour wiping the face well with honey while avoiding the eye area and after a quarter of an hour the other the women wash the face

First with warm water and then cold water and is repeated twice a week to improve your skin and then once every two weeks and on a permanent basis and should take care to wash the face with soap and water before Putting on a mask.

Recipe to remove facial spots black add three tablespoons of honey, a tablespoon and one of the henna powder Mix thoroughly and then anoint the black spots in this mixture and leave the mask interacts with the skin for half an hour and then wash with warm water first and then with cold water Repeat this mask.

The evening daily to disappear black spots. recipe to remove facial wrinkles Take 30 ml of each of honey and liquid beeswax and onion juice and juice mercury White (available) and mix all these elements together and heating on low heat to melt the wax.

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