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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The Perception Of One Object With Both Eyes

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Strabismus - Pathology of the organ of vision, which is manifested as a result of improper placement of eyes functional disorders of the eye muscles, which are responsible for movement, fixation position.

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This pathology is broken binocular vision as broken parallel arrangement of the visual axis.

Binocular vision - the perception of one object with both eyes, it is due to a parallel arrangement of the visual axis by fixing the eye at one point. Our eyes perceive the object in different ways. Pictures are not very different, but it is so arranged human visual organ. You yourself can see this, simply open and close the eyes in turn.

In this regard, the different pictures are sent to the brain, where they are combined into one, and we see the object as it is.

If strabismus is a person perceives two different images, so combine them into one image is not possible, because they are different.

In order to be a person does not go crazy on the perception of two different images, the brain suppresses the image that the eye perceives unhealthy; it's like a defensive reaction. Over time, this eye completely falls out of the process and develop a pathological condition as amblyopia.

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