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Monday, 9 June 2014

The Most Common Eye Problems In Children

Develop the sense of sight to the child quickly during the first year of life, but sometimes may suffer eyes problems hindering the development of his abilities on the sound vision, the result of several factors, so the parents feel free to check out the view of a comprehensive child; because it helps to detect any defect affects academic performance in later, and treated before they worsen the situation.

The child can see things clearly and be able to focus his view and see the colors and distinguish shapes upon reaching the age of four months, to see if the eyes are growing properly, subject the child for some tests to make sure the safety consideration, such as: test the reaction of the pupil to light and follow the movement of things, and test the child's ability to focus view.

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Follow the movement of objects, as well as test priority consideration to evaluate the child's abilities to see things and to distinguish between the forms, and in the case of noted pediatrician and any fault, it is necessary to refer the child to a doctor, a specialist in the diagnosis of eye diseases and treatment, to pursue the case and is being tested further, so that early diagnosis of eye diseases common in childhood is essential to the success of the treatment.

Undergo a comprehensive eye test does not require knowledge of the child read the characters, there are tests for children in pre-school age, allowing the doctor to detect any defect in the sense of sight.

But, before taking the child to the doctor, the mother to supply him to this process through the explanation to him that the doctor will be asked to consider in a certain direction and stare at specific things.

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