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Monday, 23 June 2014

Lack Of Plastic Parts

Edge points gently tightly to the face to provide maximum comfort during rest and relaxation. Goggles are reusable.

In case of contamination are easy to wash or wash by hand and then dried and used again. With special straps, you can easily adjust their size to put on an adult or child.

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Lack of plastic parts and other decor elements hard - another of the advantages of night accessories, even if you do several times a night, change posture, you will not feel any discomfort, because the soft material points will not be felt on the face.

Elastic straps that secure the mask on his head, and not felt since their fastener is in the form of Velcro. Remember that the quality of sleep and rest depends on your performance directly lack of rest leads to impaired cognitive abilities, reduced concentration, poor memory.

Adequate sleep is essential for a full and vibrant life, and handy accessories to help you make a night stay even more enjoyable and productive.

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Color blindness or color blindness occurs in men 10 times more often than women. But even a healthy man distinguishes shades worse than the average representative of the fairer sex.

The reason is especially the inheritance of genes responsible for the formation of cones of the retina of the eye.

Why Do We Need Glasses To Sleep

Why do we need glasses to sleep - The phrase "Points to sleep" might seem strange to someone.

People wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun or for vision correction, but in the dream eyes closed, a person sleeps. However, such accessories are designed to sleep exist. Of course, they differ from conventional corrective or sunglasses. Night glasses are designed to make a person sleep more comfortable, quiet and deep.

How to help? Sometimes people get tired so much that he was ready to fall asleep at any moment, but the bright lights in the windows does not allow him to sleep.

Need Of Glasses For Retina Of Eyes

In addition, there are situations where lighting prevents restful sleep in the cabin or in the daylight train. You can interfere with sleep white nights, unusual conditions of rest.

In all these cases, night glasses help normalize sleep and provide its owner with a welcome darkness. They are indispensable, not only at home but also at work, on business trips, tourist trips.

Thanks virtually weightless structure and special form, they relieve stress with facial muscles, prevent premature aging, help to relax and tune in to stay.

Sleeping in such glasses is extremely useful: it will not be after swelling, bruising and bags under the eyes, you will feel fresh and rested.

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Now Fashion Glasses for sleep resemble physiological comfortable mask that has not felt on the face. They are made of a soft, delicate tissue without causing irritation and discomfort.

They do not shine, but do not squeeze the skin without causing any discomfort to the owner.

What Is Dacryocystitis

What is dacryocystitis? The disease leads to dysfunction of the secretion of tears, and it happens because of the narrowing of the lachrymal canal. The main symptoms of this disease include:

•    Increased secretion of tears

•    Pyorrhea

•    Inflammation

Usually disease affects only one eye at first, but after a few days and the second begins to suffer. To get rid of the disease is necessary to perform the following procedures:

•    To six times per day to conduct a light massage (fingertips) the tear ducts;

•    Instilled antibiotics in the eyes and nose.

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In some cases even surgical intervention, but only if the treatment does not lead to the desired result.

In conclusion, we note the material if you notice that the organs of your baby become involuntarily tears must immediately seek help from a qualified person, who, after examination, will be able to determine the cause of this phenomenon, as well as prescribe effective treatment.

When procedures, and in the future, follow hygiene kid and teach him not to rub eyes hands, especially dirty.

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When treatment is necessary to periodically tear ducts clean cotton swab (required sterile!) That will remove the selection, including purulent.

In order to alleviate the suffering of the baby, as well as to accelerate the effect of drugs, it is recommended to wash the bodies such as chamomile is also an effective solution Nitrofural.

The Main Symptoms Of Eye Disease

The main symptoms of eye disease:

•    Active secretion of tears

•    Swelling-century

•    Discoloration of proteins - they turn red

•    Fear of light

•    Pus after sleep

Conjunctivitis is a fairly dangerous disease, which not only leads to unpleasant symptoms, but can cause a decrease in visual acuity, as well as complete loss of vision; naturally, if the disease is left untreated.

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Therefore it is extremely important to promptly see a doctor, who will give advice on the treatment of this disease uneasy. Therapy involves the use of:

•    Drops

•    Ointments

•    Tablets

More specifically, the doctor says, after determine why the disease emerged, as well as what type of conjunctivitis in children. Today there are three main types of the disease of eyes:

•    Allergic

•    Viral

•    Bacterial

When suffering crumbs - Two-three month old toddler can also tear the eye, but there is already the case in other disease is dacryocystitis.

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It should be noted that babies first two months of life tears do not stand at all. This is the feature of the lachrymal canal, which is being developed only by the third month; by the way, why in the first week of life the baby is difficult to identify any possible defects in the development of the lacrimal glands and ducts.

Signs Of Eye Allergies

If you have additional symptoms - If you notice that the baby watery eyes, watch his body more closely. Perhaps there are other symptoms:

•    Fever

•    Sneezing or coughing

•    Running nose

In this case, the child is likely to have the baby the common cold. It is necessary to treat it, and after getting rid of the disease will become dry and the organs of vision.

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That is, the main reasons that affected the eyes - this is the impact of acute respiratory disease and if you suffer from allergies? Another reason why watery eyes - it is an allergy.

In this case, before starting treatment, it is necessary to identify allergens perhaps getting rid of them, stop and tearful reaction of view.

The presences of other signs of allergies are the following symptoms:

•    Redness of the eyes

•    Peeling of the skin

•    Irritability baby

In this case, in any case cannot be alone, "to appoint" antihistamines, even if these are "normal and safe".

The child must see a doctor, which determine the extent of the disease, as well as give specific assignments that will be most effective in a particular case.

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Conjunctivitis - great and terrible

Next disease that also leads to the fact that the eye can tear a child - its conjunctivitis, unfortunately, this is one of the most common ailments in children because kids are not particularly watching his own hygiene and behavior, but because playing in the sandbox can rub eyes with dirty hands, which leads to inflammation of the mucosa.

Friday, 20 June 2014

What Is Laid For Us By Nature

What is laid for us by nature - our individual code, try to change that is needed. After intervening in the affairs of nature, we often injure them.

Amblyopia or "lazy eye" - a disease that is caused by functional disorders of the eye, with such a strong pathology noted decreased vision.

In the process of developing this disease is disturbed binocular vision. This occurs because each eye sees an object in different ways.

The brain cannot combine two different images into one, so it inhibits the work of unhealthy eyes and perception of the object in question is only one eye.

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In most cases, amblyopia occurs in children, it cannot be corrected, but by the nature of their origin is a reversible process.

Causes of amblyopia - As a rule, all diseases of organs and systems have several reasons that can be both independent and be the result of any pathological processes, among them always allocate the main reason that checked first.

In case of a major cause of amblyopia, which is often a more precise cause is strabismus, it should be noted that strabismus can be not only a cause, but an effect.

When a person combines these two pathological processes, this phenomenon is called Strabismus amblyopia. Also cause the development of amblyopia can be severe hyperopia, myopia or pronounced astigmatism.

The Color Changing Of Eyes - Restore Your Vision Today

If your eyes chameleons change color from blue to hazel, then it is very noticeable to the naked eye. Is that considered the norm - Scientists and doctors do not believe his eyes chameleons something out of the ordinary.

This is the same individual characteristic, like hair color, for example. Some color is uneven; it may be on the contour one tone and the pupils closer to - another.

Color Of your Vision of Eyes In Infection

Thus it can change all the time of day, the circumstances and environment color. Man with eyes no better or worse than others.

What many people consider such potential soothsayers and psychics - fiction and superstition rather than true. It has no advantages other than the visual effect that produce people with the changing eyes.

When standing guard - If you always had a stable eye color, and suddenly a short period of eyes changed much its color, then this point should alert you and send to the doctor. It is likely that nothing bad will find, but it’s better not miss this moment.

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Such attention to their health is to avoid potential disease and stay healthy. The rest of the people with nothing to fear chameleon eyes, they are completely normal and full.

Just for their nature prepared a little surprise in the form of changing from time to time eye color. This allows such people to be always different, unique look and be no one else like.