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Monday, 9 June 2014

Prevention Of Eye And Envy

The prevention of the eye to be to maintain the Morning and evening prayers correct incoming Mustafa peace be upon him, and not to talk and show grace to the fullest picture when who knew him envy, greed and jealousy.

God says in the story of God's prophet Jacob, peace be upon him} said, my son, No vision to your brothers, you Kida the devil to man an avowed enemy {Joseph: 5, said that Osman may Allah be pleased with him saw a boy lest hit by the eye",

I.e. changed the shape and beauty. poet says: someone creatures to As an owner, seek refuge from the evil eye defect and one to pray blessing upon the admiration of self, money, and parents, and the blessing nullifies the effect of the eye and prevents infection, recipe blessing that says:

"Blessed be God, the Best of creators, God bless it," or "God bless him," and "What God does not force but from God.

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“Guard secrecy about said: The Messenger of Allah, May Allah blesses him and grant him peace: Seek help the success of the cataclysmic events in secrecy, all with the blessing. Horses in the Whole (943).

Mascot children narrated from Abbas God bless them said it was the Prophet peace be upon him Hassan and Hussein, he says, was by Ishmael and Isaac, I seek refuge in God full of every devil and every eye is important for the nation.

In the novel an Abbas said: The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him Hassan and Hussein says words of God full of every devil and important is each eye to the nation and say so Abraham was Isaac and Ishmael peace be upon them.

Reading narrated that God said: The Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him to seek refuge from the elves, and the human eye, so I got, when, takes them and what to leave one else.

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