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Monday, 23 June 2014

The Main Symptoms Of Eye Disease

The main symptoms of eye disease:

•    Active secretion of tears

•    Swelling-century

•    Discoloration of proteins - they turn red

•    Fear of light

•    Pus after sleep

Conjunctivitis is a fairly dangerous disease, which not only leads to unpleasant symptoms, but can cause a decrease in visual acuity, as well as complete loss of vision; naturally, if the disease is left untreated.

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Therefore it is extremely important to promptly see a doctor, who will give advice on the treatment of this disease uneasy. Therapy involves the use of:

•    Drops

•    Ointments

•    Tablets

More specifically, the doctor says, after determine why the disease emerged, as well as what type of conjunctivitis in children. Today there are three main types of the disease of eyes:

•    Allergic

•    Viral

•    Bacterial

When suffering crumbs - Two-three month old toddler can also tear the eye, but there is already the case in other disease is dacryocystitis.

About The Author Samantha Pearson

It should be noted that babies first two months of life tears do not stand at all. This is the feature of the lachrymal canal, which is being developed only by the third month; by the way, why in the first week of life the baby is difficult to identify any possible defects in the development of the lacrimal glands and ducts.

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