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Monday, 9 June 2014

Most Common Eye Children Problems

Subject the child to examine the sensuous eyes unit looking through stare at the pictures and the different forms that comes before him, with the aim of its ability to measure vision.

As being a doctor examination of the retina by shedding light to the inside to monitor how its reflection on the retina, where up images to the cells sensitive to light, and this helps the examination to determine whether the child needs to put glasses, The importance of these tests and examinations in their ability to detect problems that cause difficulty in vision and adversely affect the child's ability to learn later.

- Lazy eye:

A weakness in the consideration due to non-use of child eye, despite being healthy and not infected by any defect, and often show this case in one eye, and of the means of diagnosis, examination of the child's abilities

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In the vision, and determine if there is a deviation in one eye. Unfortunately, you can not address the problem of lazy eye by eyeglasses or contact lenses, as required Blink sound, induce the child to use the same lazy and strengthened.

- Squint congenital:

lead muscle weakness in one eye to the deviation, seems one of the look in the direction of straight, while the other deviates in another direction, it may be to the inside or outside or to the top or to the bottom.

And address this problem through surgery, with the exception of strabismus internal resulting from the far-sightedness can be corrected by eyeglasses, if it does not address the problem early, will develop eye deviant lazy, leading to a loss of the sense of consideration.

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