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Monday, 9 June 2014

Eye Children Problems Is Most Common

A lack of focus:

The inability to focus Consider the things that are moving and approaching the eye.

Color blindness:

Inflammation of the eyelid and the relaxation of the eyelids:

Causes inflammation of the sebaceous glands in the roots of the lashes to inflammation of the eyelids secretions resin on the eyelashes, especially in the morning, has caused his pain, and deal with this situation with drugs, in turn, relaxes the muscles of the eyelids or the inability of the child to open his eyes, can infect one eye or two, and are often treated with surgery.

See Here Full Detail About The Vision Without Glasses:

Redness of the eye:

Reciting the white part of the eye is red, and increase secretions tears or gum as a result of bacterial or viral infections or injury as a result of child allergies. I usually use eye drops or ointments to treat the condition.

Astigmatism (deviation):

Causes irregular surface of the cornea to blurred vision, and can treat the condition put glasses.

While in the case of a severe illness of the retina due to diabetes, we recommend examining the retina a month to prevent any complications, may be needed to work laser retina, but that in the case of the presence of abnormal blood vessels and is active on the retina near the time of birth

It has advised to perform a Caesarean section to prevent bleeding eye because of the payment process during natural childbirth.

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