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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Protection Of The Eyes Of Our Children

Theoretically, could not be reached any proof about the damage that occurs to the eye as a result of sitting in front of television screens or in front of the computer, but linked the recent research among cases of myopia, which increased the rate recently and sitting in front of television and computer screens for long hours.”

Therefore, parents are advised to reduce the hours watching television, and also encourage their children to sit at a distance away from the television.

Avoid direct exposure to the sun is known that excessive exposure to the sun has a negative impact on the hair and skin, but shows d. Tariq that the eyes can also be affected negatively, and he adds:

"The excessive exposure to strong sunlight (such as those available here in Egypt) is the main cause of injury allergies seasonal known which appear in spring and dubbed" Conjunctivitis. "This case often accompanied by some factors such as dust, smoke, pollution, and non-completion of the immune system, starting from birth to adolescence makes it worse.

All About Eye And Vision Of Eyes Without Glasses

Advised parents that minimize exposing their children to these factors and to minimize as much as possible exposed to strong sunlight direct. Avoid infections eye infections are common and spread rapidly.
Parents encourage their children to wash their hands frequently after returning from school or from anywhere in general, as well as after using the toilet. Signs that defects considered:

• If near the child from his eyes more too book or anything he wants watch it.

• stumbled child frequently.

• Not to see the child you when him from afar, or not identifiable to something found in your hand if you want to show him to him from a distance.

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